Agenda for Weekly Meta-Gov Meeting, July 18th @ 7pm GMT

Google Meet link :

Stewards : @Coltron.eth @nick.eth, and @simona_pop


A) Code of Conduct
B) Endowment RFP Update
C) Review Discourse Plugins/Improvements
D) Switching meeting platform to Zoom.
E) Additional topics.

Call Minutes

Attendees: vegayp.eth, nick.eth, oakgroup.eth, Sam Bronstein, 5spence, Mahesh, maintainer.eth, Jordan Stasny, coltron.eth, gregskril.eth, carlosdp.eth, garypalmerjr.eth, yodaone

A) Review Discourse Plugins/Improvements

  • Mahesh is working on a discourse forum plug-in to display governance details in the forum.
  • Suggestions from Nick:
    • Delegated votes should show a rank amongst all delegates
    • How they voted on the last few proposals
    • Dynamic banner with active votes
  • Steps to implementation would be to contact our service provider/admin and have them installed upon completion of the plug-in.

B) Endowment RFP (update)

  • Aim to post this RFP in an upcoming call.
  • Sam Bronstein and Jordan Stasny introduced themselves as representatives of Alastor and mentioned that their team is interested in working with ENS.
  • Alex Michelsen’s asked about the broader plan for the DAO Endowment.
    • Nick’s goal for the endowment is secure long-term viability by funding ENS operations without the need for registration revenue.
    • Target is to return at least 2M dollars annually in sustainable withdrawals.
  • A dashboard of current DAO Financials is here.

C) Code of Conduct

  • Eduardo and Marcus will team up on this to wrap the CoC for next week.
  • The specifications of what constitutes DAO involvement was discussed.
  • @garypalmerjr wanted it recorded, that, "ENS participation should not be infringed;
    • That there should be balance in the community with a code of conduct to address unprofessionalism/attacks on the DAO, with steps and procedures to “mute/provide consequence” for their actions.
    • While consequences should be based on actions, there should also be a road-to-redemption existing (to allow removal of consequence/re-entry into the conversation across ENS Systems/Platforms).
    • ENS COC should not enact any change to user status in any system/platform that infringes on the rights of users freedoms, (including but not limited to being heard and to speak), or unfairly discriminated against any users ability to post/comment, talk, or otherwise participate beyond a well defined COC, based on the users actions."

D) Switching meeting platform to Zoom.

  • Resolved. We will keeping Google Meets

E) Additional topics

  • None.

If you want anything added or corrected in the minutes, please dm me or provide clarification in the thread.