Agenda for Weekly Meta-Gov Meeting, July 25th @ 7pm GMT

Google Meet link :

Stewards : @Coltron.eth @nick.eth, and @simona_pop


A) Code of Conduct update (@vegayp)
C) Funding for forum improvements. (@coltron.eth)
D) Notion Dashboard (@coltron.eth)
E) Reserved for open discussion or items not listed.

Call Minutes

Attendees: carlosdp.eth, coltron.eth, estmcmxci.eth, John Burnet, simona.eth, vegap.eth

A) Meta-Gov Term #2 Budget Discussion

  • Attendees reviewed the draft budget.
  • Discussed the detailed objectives of dao-tooling, but no objections raised to the funding amounts.
  • @simona_pop suggested a mid-term spending review, and would be willing take this on.
  • Budgets will be posted to snapshot as soon as possible.

B) Code of Conduct

  • Next 5-7 days Marcus and Eduardo will hone this down into sub-800wds.
  • Clarified that responsibilities should fall on moderators of Discord and Discourse and that this should remain lightweight.

C) Forum Improvements

  • Differing opinions were presented on what metrics should be included on any forum plug-ins.
  • A few of the concerns were gamification and displaying information that is not actually relevant to voters.
  • The MG working group will continue to evaluate how we can better display proposal and voting information on the forum.

D) Reserved for open discussion or items not listed.

  • None.
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Thank you for posting the agenda, @Coltron.eth!

Re: Code of Conduct

I consulted with @vegayp on Wednesday via Google Meet at 3:30PM Eastern Standard Time. Our recommendations are as follows:

  1. Clearly define and express boundaries between TNL and ENS DAO within the CoC.
  2. Consolidate and make consistent existing CoC’s amongst our official channels of public discussion (Discourse and Discord) and update them to incorporate our proposed Code of Conduct
  3. Create a moderation role within the Discourse Forum and have either Stewards or an appointee execute the CoC.

Setting the Boundary

Specifically, it should be made clear that ENS DAO itself is not enforcing the rules of engagement within the Forum. Actually, it is TNL and its appointed representatives who shall enforce these rules of engagement. Hence, when @nick.eth decided to mitigate community risk, it was TNL by effect that executed on the existing Code of Conduct, not the ENS DAO. This is an important distinction to note.

I think that this action is correct and that the decision to de-platform an individual from this forum should be TNL’s responsibility. However, the ENS DAO (more specifically, the Stewards and Lead Contributors) should help inform that decision through our own risk mitigation process. I have taken the liberty to draft this process. It can be read here: Conflict Resolution Protocol - HackMD. I want to make it known that I prioritize rehabilitative approaches, rather than punitive, towards community risk management. A path for redemption must be set for those who want it.

Consistent Boundaries

The TL;DR of the CoC (2022) can be viewed here: ENS DAO Code of Conduct (CoC) - HackMD. Please note that the TL;DR differs from the Drafted EP in that the social proposal is codified. This TL;DR should be promulgated throughout the DAO’s communication channels to create cultural and behavioral coherency throughout our organization. This means that the existing CoC on both the Discourse and the Discord should be assimilated with the proposed TL;DR CoC.

Moreover, It should be expressly written that the ToS within the CoC belong to the TNL, not the ENS DAO. This is to ensure that TNL and everyone else understands it is TNL’s explicit responsibility to remove an individual from this or any other communication platform if it is deemed, beyond any reasonable doubt, and through consensus that a member violated the CoC’s rules of engagement.

Reinforcing Boundaries

Although it is TNL’s responsibility to enforce the CoC, TNL should be free to appoint a designated executor of the CoC who may have the power to de-platform any individual who is decidedly placing the commonwealth at risk. This appointee should, of course, follow the process that I have listed out in the Conflict Resolution Protocol.

My asks for the next meeting:

  1. Swap the existing CoC on both Discourse and Discord with the TL;DR CoC referenced above.
  2. Make the distinction between the powers of TNL and ENS DAO clear through writing (ie. only TNL has the power to de-platform)
  3. Create a moderation role within the Forum and have TNL appoint an executor of the CoC who will be made responsible to manage Community Risk Incidents.

Through consensus from the Meta-Governance Stewards, it is my wish to finally push this towards a DAOwide vote by the end of this month and retroactively compensate contributors who have played a crucial role in the development of this long-awaited Code of Conduct.