Agenda for Weekly Public Goods Meeting, December 1, 2022 @ 6PM GMT


Meeting Link:
Term #2 Elected Stewards : @theanthonyware, @AvsA , and @ceresstation

A) Public Goods general updates
B) PG Scholarships - (forum post)
C) Upcoming Events
D) Public goods project highlight
E) Open space for additional public goods topics


Attendees: anthonyware.eth, Shawn Water3 , gregskril.eth, YungSB, avsa.eth, hellentans.eth, 184.eth, premm.eth, zadok7.eth, stevegachau.eth

A) Public Goods general updates

General announcements related to the Public Goods Working group

B) PG Scholarships

The Public Goods Working Group will sponsor a scholarship for six people to receive a stream of 1k/mo for the following year.

  • This scholarship intends to promote developers, artists, writers, community builders, and anyone working towards the betterment of the ENS.
  • Nomination period closes on December 6th.
  • Voting takes place December 8th–13th

:star: Nominations can be submitted via typeform here. :star:

C) Upcoming Events

These upcoming events will have ENS involvement.

  • ETH India
    • December 2nd – 4th.
    • alisha.eth and luc.eth are supporting this event.
    • 10k Hackathon prizes are available.

D) Public goods project highlight

The Plaza presented by Shawn with Water3.

  • Water3’s mission is to bring more citizens to Web3.
  • The Plaza is a Twitter-like social platform that uses SIWE to help verify users’ identities.
  • A forum post requesting funding from the Public Goods working group is here.

E) Open space for additional public goods topics

  • None

We would like to briefly introduce ThePlaza if possible today! :smiley:

Also attached our proposal: ThePlaza - CryptoTwitter login with ENS.