Agenda for Weekly Public Goods Meeting, January 12th, 2022 @ 6pm GMT

Google Meet link:
Stewards: @AvsA @vegayp , and @Coltron.eth


A) General DAO News
B) New Stewards Welcome
D) Discussion for request of new initiatives this term
E) Open space for additional topics or comments


Minutes for Weekly Public Goods Meeting, Jan 12th, 2022 @ 6pm GMT

Call Minutes

Attendees: 184.eth, 5pence, Alex Van de Sande / avsa, Coltron, Daylon, Eduardo Vega-Patiño, Greg Skriloff, Limes, Makoto Inoue, Marcus Martínez, Mayra Castillo, Vincent / zadok7, Wolfram, accessor, hellenstans.eth

Minutes and call notes transcribed by @daylon.eth

A) General DAO News

  • Budgets will be presented this month.
    • There will be two votes, the first on snapshot, and then an executable vote on chain.
  • There are upcoming votes for Karpatkey’s endowment allocation.
  • ETH Denver is coming soon!

B) New Stewards Welcome

Coltron is the lead steward and a returning steward, previously holding the lead steward role for the Meta-Governance working group. He is also the DAO secretary.

Eduardo (@vegayp) has been around since Term 1 of the DAO. He helped at ETH Bogotá and Devcon. Like many others, he first got more involved with ENS because of the airdrop.

Alex (@AvsA) has been involved with Ethereum for many years.

C) Discussion for request of new initiatives this term

Last term, our main spending was on Gitcoin grants, small grants, and the Public Goods scholarship program. Small grants were a large success.

This term, our focus and intent is on core projects and builders that are making web3 and Ethereum better and easier to use.

We want to continue experimenting with how to provide grants and keep testing to create a mix of a scholarship and a grants round. Something that can be put to a vote but also provides funding over the long term, perhaps more streams. We want to experiment with the scholarship initiative, but instead of streaming funding for a fixed amount of time, it will provide a stream of funding for as long as the builder/project provides support.

Although the goal is to fund developers, we want to create positive externalities to make ENS accessible to under-developed communities.

D) Open space for additional topics or comments

Q: What are Public Goods?
A: Public Goods in our context are projects or builders whose existence makes Ethereum better, easier to use, and ultimately more prolific while being free or open source.

Q: Will ENS Small grants continue to be a focus this term?
A: Our budget is coming soon. We intend to bake in more funding for ENS small grants and additional special grants. At a minimum, we will continue using the small grants platform at the funding level from last term.

Q: Do we see PG funding moving into social projects, or is it just developer and technical-focused?
A: We are Ethereum and Web3 project/developer focused.

Q: Is there any consideration for funding IRL events for underrepresented communities?
A: Since we are developer-focused, it would need to come from a technical angle. There may be an outsized impact for focusing on developers from underrepresented communities where cryptocurrency has very real use cases for peer-to-peer transactions. It will come down to proposing this in a way that works with our definition of public goods and goals for the term.

Q: Can we work with other DAOs that have a PG focus? Examples include Optimism, Developer DAO
A: Yes, this is a good idea. I’m not sure how we will collaborate, especially to identify public goods projects/builders that have yet to get attention but provide high value. These communities may have talent or projects they’ve already fielded and vetted that we can support.


Key! It’d be great if we can identify raw developer talent in overlooked communities and make ENS more accessible to them.