Agenda for Weekly Public Goods Meeting, July 12, 2022 @ 5PM GMT

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Term #2 Elected Stewards : @theanthonyware, @AvsA , and @ceresstation

A) Small Grants update / discussion
B) Strategy & Planning Update
B) Budget Update
D) Open space for additional topics

Call Minutes

Attendees: anthonyware.eth, avsa.eth, alisha.eth, coltron.eth, carlosdp.eth, ricmoo.eth, slobo.eth, Hellen Stans, Steve G, zadok7.eth, oakgroup.eth , ashu, gregskril.eth

A) Small Grants update / discussion

  • Should be ready by next week. Everything is nearly built out. The WG needs to determine the funding round details.
  • The deliverables for Carlos’s team will be considered completed when the first round is completed. It is anticipated there may be a few bugs, but Carlos assured the WG his team would provide support throughout the process.
  • Officially, one full grants round per month starting in August. Proposals will be called for before August 1st to give time to crafts proposals.
  • It was suggested to run a 7-day round in July for 5E. This would cover five projects with 1E being disbursed to each. The timeline would be 19-26th for proposal submission with voting occurring the 26th-31st.
  • The voting will use Serenae’s voting strategy, ERC-20 voting with override.
  • Aiming host the grants wither on a subdomain or a .xyz domain that has already been secured. The WG will look into hosting all of this on a decentralized platform.

B) Strategy & Planning Update

  • Updates on subgroups will happen during next week’s call when budget drafts are proposed.
  • Looking to refine a notion dashboard with coltron.eth and Hellen Stans.
  • We should remember that one reason for the grants mechanism is to bring visibility to builders. The working groups focus is to ensure they are supporting a broad number of builders.

C) Budget Update

  • Everyone wishing to suggest a term initiative for the DAO should refer to the the forum post here.

D) Open space for additional topics

Non covered. Meeting ran for full hour on topics above.


Hi Anthony, could you please add the Small Grants Program to the agenda? Thanks :pray:t2:


Done! Look forward to learning about the progress of the Small Grants and where we can help move things to the next stage.

I am myself looking for updates on it actually. It was funded by the PG WG late May and a number of small teams have been waiting for it. Sorry about the confusion; I didn’t mean to imply that I will be presenting updates :sweat_smile:

Relocated minuted to original post.

What’s Serenae’s voting strategies?

Just curious :slight_smile:

I guess this means a .eth website? There’s a .eth websites SG, and we’re experts for those things, so feel free to talk with us!

Added a link! :point_up:

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