Agenda for Weekly Public Goods Meeting, July 5, 2022 @ 6pm BST / 5pm GMT

Google Meet link :

Term #2 Elected Stewards : @AvsA @theanthonyware @ceresstation

1) Next 30-45 days of Public Goods WG


Call Minutes

Date: 07/05/22
Attendees: @theanthonyware @Coltron.eth @alisha.eth @ricmoo
Start: 1700 GMT
End: 1802 GMT

A) Next 45 days of Ecosystem WG

  • Budget
    • GR15 and GR16 funding should be included the budget.
    • Budget is being worked on. Target for completion is next Tuesday.
    • Public Goods will begin using parcel, awaiting onboarding.
  • Subgroups
    • Discussed subgroups needed. This will be developed over the next week and presented with budget. No significant changes anticipated from last term
    • Tentative subgroups are: grants, bounties, and infrastructure.