Agenda Weekly Public Goods Meeting, September 6, 2022 @ 6PM GMT

Meeting Link:

Term #2 Elected Stewards : @theanthonyware, @AvsA , and @ceresstation

A) Gitcoin GR15 - Updates and open questions
B) Updates on Small Grants
C) Discussion on donations for objectionable names (re: this post)
D) Open space for additional public goods topics

Feel free to suggest topics by replying to this thread.

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Hey @theanthonyware, can you please add ‘discussion on donations for objectionable names’ to the agenda. I mentioned in this post that the PG weekly working group calls might be the best place for this discussion to take place.

Call Minutes

Attendees: 184, alisha.eth, anon - not scary :-), anthonyware.eth, avsa.eth, coltron.eth, gregskril.eth, hellenstans.eth, Marco Solis Lopez, ricmoo.eth scottmoore.eth, Wolfram, Yambo, zadok7.eth

Call Minutes

A) Gitcoin GR15 - Updates and open questions

  • GR15 starts September 7th!
  • There are 25 returning and approximately 60 new grants.
  • Tags for the ENS Ecosystem round are actively being reviewed today.
    • If you haven’t submitted your grant to the airtable form, please do.
    • All tags are currently under review.
    • If your ENS tag is not assigned by tomorrow, reach out to Alisha by DM on Twitter.
  • Round Info
    • Total matching available is 69k.
    • Max matching is 5% or $3,450.
    • No eligibility exclusion for lifetime contributions.
    • Max matching is 5%.

B) Women-led Projects

  • hellenstans.eth and estmcmxci.eth will be highlighting different women-led public good projects with Twitter spaces.
  • There are currently five projects identified that will be featured.
  • The dates and times will be announced when they are finalized.

C) Updates on Small Grants

  • A redesign was recently completed. See:
  • The next round will go live on September 15th with the approved voting method. This schedule allows for a seven-day proposal period and a seven-day voting period.
  • The Public Goods working group will sponsor another round with five awards of 1E, totaling 5E for this small grants round.
  • @Coltron.eth will coordinate to set the round up and share the preview the Public Goods Working group when ready.

D) Discussion on donations for objectionable names

  • An open space for discussion was available regarding the registration of objectional .eth names and if the DAO should handle this revenue differently.

E) Open space for additional public goods topics

  • No additional topics.
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