Allowing "forever extendable" subnames with the Name Wrapper

This is an example / proof-of-concept: Example contract to allow anyone to extend a subname by serenae-fansubs · Pull Request #263 · ensdomains/ens-contracts · GitHub

Deployed on:

It’s a dead-simple contract, all it does is delegate to NameWrapper.extendExpiry, and allows any account to invoke it.

To use it:

  1. Call approve on the Name Wrapper contract to approve this contract as the “Subname Renewal Manager” for your name
  2. (Optional) Revoke the “can approve” permission/fuse on your name

Now, similar to .eth 2LDs, any account will be able to extend any subnames underneath that name.

There are no fees either (just gas). So this would not be useful to anyone looking to rent subnames. Instead, this is useful for people who want to issue “forever” subnames (possibly with immutable records too) and then guarantee that they will always be able to be extended, even if the owner or parent owner goes AWOL.

Hope it helps, or at least gives you some ideas!


Thanks for writing and deploying this @serenae! I’ve already put it to use on my hackathon project from this weekend :slight_smile: