Analytics & Research - Out-of-Sync Meeting #1 - Minutes

Analytics & Research - Out-of-Sync Meeting #1 - Minutes

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Date: 27 May 2022
Time: 16:30 CET | 15:30 BST | 15:30 UTC
Where: Google Meetup
Attendees: @inplco (host), @katerinabc (RnDAO), @danielo (RnDAO)
Agenda: see Summary


Topic: DAO-wide survey

  • @inplco initialised the idea of DAO-wide survey targeting the elections; the survey will be open during June 3 – 5 for a period of 48-72 hours

  • @inplco will draft a document that outlines the properties to be targeted by the survey; this document will be open-access by the end of day May 28

  • @katerinabc and her team at RnDAO will draft the survey (10 mins long at most) with strictly quantitative questions

  • @inplco will post-process the survey and provide analysis of the results before June 6

  • RnDAO asked if there will be compensation for their work; @inplco said that he will request funds from the Meta-Governance WG

  • @inplco floated the idea of incentivising survey participation

  • @inplco mentioned that it is possible that the survey may not be ready in time due to the extremely fast timeline; if so, then the survey will be extended in order to include the 1st ENS DAO Governance Report to be published by end of June

cc @alisha.eth: Could you please grant write-access to RnDAO members Katerina and @danielo in the forum? They have filled the Request Access but haven’t gotten the access yet.

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Approved. Feel free to DM on the forum if there are any access issues.

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