Analytics & Research - Periodic Meeting #1 - Minutes

Analytics & Research - Periodic Meeting #1 - Minutes

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Date: 24 May 2022
Time: 17:30 CET | 16:30 BST | 11:30 EDT | 03:30 NZST | 08:30 PDT | 15:30 UTC
Where: Google Meetup
Attendees: @inplco (host), @BrianMillsJr.Eth @5pence, @gregskril, @danielo, @noturhandle, @estmcmxci, @fig (absent), @mmurthy (absent)
Agenda: Link to Agenda


Topic: Introduction to the A&R subWG

Topic: Roadmap of A&R subWG

Topic: To-Do for the Q3/4 steward elections

  • First iteration of ENS Karma/Health Cards using data from ShowKarma; this will be static due to lack of time; dumped after elections before it can be gamed
  • DAO-wide light-weight survey planned for end of June

Topic: To-Do after Q3/4 steward elections and before start of next term

  • ENS DAO Governance report with input from Flipside Crypto
  • Specialised surveys for support mods and regular attendees of calls

Topic: Individual Notes

  • @5pence will make sure that @danielo (and others who need it from RnDAO) has write-access in the forum
  • Setup open line of communication with RnDAO (possibly Discord channel #:ballot_box:|meta-governance)
  • Take input from RnDAO for the lightweight DAO-wide survey planned between June 1–5
  • @estmcmxci and Community WG will give their input on dashboard for the health cards
  • Request (@nick.eth or @alisha.eth) for creation of subdomain metagov.ensdao.eth and controller for the subdomain for health card dashboard hosting on IPFS
  • Think of an informative design for health cards in the longer run
  • Request funds from Meta-Gov WG to compensate contributors for Q1/2

A copy of this draft exists here


That sounds great! Sorry I missed the call, was busier at work than we usually are. I’ll catch the next meeting for sure :slight_smile:


Hey sorry to have missed this! I didn’t see the invite in my calendar - where should I look out for this?

Would love to chat Ad hoc to align on how we can help and best next steps.

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No worries, I figured it was some mixup. You didn’t miss anything relevant. This doc and the post above is good for now. We’ll arrange another meet up soon with precise points to discuss!

Calendly doesn’t notify by default but there is an option on the dashboard for setting reminders. Let me know if you cannot find it


Hi @inplco, I added you on Discord so we can set up a comms channel between this WG and RnDAO.

We’ll respond on the main proposal once we’ve had a chance to discuss next steps.