Announcing support for Bluesky usernames

How to set your profile as your Bluesky username!

Hello! I’m posting for .XYZ and wanted to share an exciting announcement. If you own a .eth name, you already have an profile. Today, we’re excited to announce that your profiles can now also serve as Bluesky social media handles!


Where can I find the instructions? Our blog post has screenshots and instructions:

What are profiles? profiles are essentially free landing pages for decentralized identities, where .eth holders can customize the information displayed. They can act as a central hub, where you can consolidate all of the important information relevant to your identity, such as your wallet address, your website, your social media handles, and your NFT collection.

How do I find my profile? Every .eth name has been granted automatic access to the feature. Simply add “.xyz” to the end of any .eth name in any web browser and the ENS profile will display. i.e, if you have helloxyz.eth, then you have!

How do I edit my profile? Use the ENS App to edit the information displayed on your .eth profile, and the changes will appear on

Does the work on .eth subdomains? Due to the difficulty in providing wildcard SSL for 4th level subdomains, the profiles for .eth subdomains have a different URL structure. You can visit your .eth subdomain profile using the subpage method: At the moment, .eth subdomains unfortunately cannot be used as Bluesky usernames.

How do I send feedback? You can DM us @xyz on Twitter, or email!


In .XYZ’s long-standing collaborations with ENS, not only did we help pioneer the ability for .xyz domains to connect with Ethereum wallet addresses, we also previously launched - giving you an easy way to share and access ENS profiles and associated Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collections in any browser.

To revisit the roots of our collaboration, here’s a refresher:

And for detailed steps on using your profile as your Bluesky handle, head over to our blog post How to set your profile as your Bluesky username

Thank you!