Any help with reverse record for Ledger Nano X adress?

Hi, I just bought myself an ENS domain name. I want to use it for my ledger nano x wallet adress, but I keep running into a notification that I don’t know how to work around.

Anybody able to help me?

under is what i get. And I don’t see the field where I can fill in my wallet adress to reverse record.

Primary ENS Name (reverse record): not set

This designates one of your ENS names to represent your Ethereum account and act as your cross-platform web3 username and profile. You can only have one Primary ENS Name per Ethereum account and can change it at any time.

No ENS names have their ETH Address records set to this address.

Only ENS names that point to your Ethereum account can be set as your Primary ENS Name.

Try these quick troubleshooting steps.

  1. Check and verify that your address has the ENS name.
    • If its not there, check your other addresses. It may have have been purchased with a different wallet in Ledger.
  2. If the ENS name is in your wallet on etherscan, verify that you have the correct wallet connected to

I recommend opening a support ticket on the Discord. Support tickets can be opened on the Official Discord channel # :tickets: | create-a-ticket. Never share your seed phrase with anyone.

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