Apostrophe from keyboard (') vs Apostrophe copy/paste ’

I have numerous domains using the keyboard’s default apostrophe. It never dawned on me that the apostrophe from the keyboard will not be used, instead, the copy/paste ’ version must be used.

I read that the default keyboard version ’ will be replaced with the ’ version. Why would we make it more difficult to type an apostrophe into our texts and force us to use a copy/paste version? I’m sure there’s a good reason but there was no warning.

If this is the case, would it be fair to reimburse those who purchased the ENS names with the keyboard version (') ? Or would it be best to allow whoever registered an apostrophe name first should get the normalized version of the apostrophe and whoever registered second get the reimbursement?

It won’t be fair to take ETH from either party without reimbursement or granting the domain to first-come first-serve.

Thank you.

27 (') typewriter apostrophe has been disallowed since inception (EIP-137) whereas 2019 (’) right apostrophe has always been valid.

From https://unicode.org/Public/idna/15.0.0/IdnaMappingTable.txt,

  • 27 is disallowed by line 0000..002C ; disallowed_STD3_valid # 1.1 <control-0000>..COMMA
  • 2019 is valid by line 2018..2023 ; valid ; ; NV8 # 1.1 LEFT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK..TRIANGULAR BULLET

The upcoming normalization change is only a convenience to make the right apostrophe more accessible.

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Thank you for the update. Do all the fees paid for apostrophes go to the DAO for no product received? Or can we at least get ENS DAO tokens or an option to purchase other ENS domains? Even if it is less than what was invested into the domains, anything is better than taking ETH and not giving any product or service back in return.

It is a bit mind boggling that an apostrophe on the keyboard we use every day isn’t accepted, instead another apostrophe we have to copy/paste off the internet like an emoji works in its place. I’m sure there is a very good reason for it but very surprised. Almost like saying the dash (-) on the keyboard doesn’t work and we have to copy/paste a special dashed line off the internet every time.

Thank you again for your help and prompt replies.

If anyone bought domains containing apostrophes so far, they had to deliberately avoid using an existing interface, which would tell you the name is invalid, and instead manually interact with the contract directly. Anyone doing that knows that they’re registering a name that will not presently resolve, and may never resolve.

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Thank you for the prompt feedback. Very helpful. Yes, I minted directly with the contract knowing apostrophes would be normalized. Shocking that the keyboard default apostrophe is not the default. I must have missed the warning on your ENS tool that the keyboard apostrophe will not work or perhaps did not notice it was replaced by the non-keyboard apostrophe.

In case the governments decide to regulate these mistakes, policies and reimbursements, I would recommend something simple. Perhaps registering new domains using the ENS console, or optionally extending current domains owned by those wallets. Scrutiny and regulations from politicians are a matter of time. Best to have a plan in place to protect our ENS investments. Overreaching regulations sometimes can be avoided but I feel the politicians already have their sights set on the industry.

Thanks again for your help and hard work. :muscle: