Are custom coin address records possible?

For general records you can actually enter in any key/value pair you want, you’re not just limited to the ones you see on the manager page.

However that doesn’t appear to be the same for addresses. There is a drop-down list and from what I can see you can only choose one of those, and you can’t enter a custom value like mana.

Is there some technical reason, or maybe it’s so that users are preventing from fat-fingering the wrong token abbreviation or something? Maybe technically you can set custom coin addresses against the smart contract directly, it’s just not exposed through the UI?

Anyway, @cottons.eth pointed this out on the discord server, we don’t have options in the drop-down list for $mana or $ens yet! :slight_smile:


yes it reds out and doesnt accept whatever you put there if not in the drop down. is it a babysitter?

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