Art, culture, grants,

I was imaging something very much like this for ENS. Basically, using a mirror blog post to feature real people and supporting the arts.

The art can be signed by .eth names, and like pcc.eth it would also be possible to have NFTs that are named using a subdomain.


Cool initiative. When you mentioned, I thought of a conversation in a Twitter space with Orca Protocol( a week ago. I’m still wrapping my mind around how pods can function within Working Groups. But as I understand it, they will have subdomain integration, and options to have a subgroup/pod have a multisig wallet. This would be nice publishing content to Mirror. This way posting does not have to rely on one single entity, instead posts could be made from a wallet address held by a pod.

So using a “pod controlled” wallet for Mirror postings would have a lot of benefits in my opinion. Long term scalability, security, easier collaboration, branding even. What do you think @Premm.eth ?


I love it!

If the Community is down, would love to start this initiative in the next quarter. Could be created as a subgroup within the Community WG. Have several friends in the arts and entertainment industry. Will tease just one work below to give the Community an idea.