Avatar Map Proposal

ENS Avatar Billboard description

We propose to create a billboard-style dapp called “10k Map” (10kmap.io)

The work will be completed by:

● 5660.eth

● 0025.eth

● 8975.eth


ENS Avatar Billboards create a system and method for both managing and displaying Ethereum

Name Service users’ avatars or other Non-fungible token collections. We will have a network

communications interface along with reading on-chain data from the Ethereum blockchain. The

on-chain data includes the collection’s name and identity (avatar and other information). Our

network communications interface will be displaying on-chain data in a map format.

In our first embodiment map format, we have included ENS NFT names ranging from “000.eth”

to “9999.eth.” We chose this as our first collection because of its predicted longevity; we

estimate this collection will outlive most (if not all) PFP collections.

The images of the map can be altered by using the ENS domain settings and altering the

display image metadata. These images can be used to market your own identity, or they can act

as a billboard for other projects. For example, venture over to 10kmap.io and see how our

“Know Your Neighbors” logo is used to market our website.

What will the money be used for?

Build out an entire ecosystem including

metaverse land, a low fee marketplace, and NFT drops for participants in the billboard map

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