Avatar Pic Broken

I own sobanski.eth and configured my avatar to point to a Taco Bell Gif NFT I own.

The icon does not show up on the ENS app.

When I right click and open image in another tag I get the following error:

ipfs resolve -r /ipfs/QmYVQ13qqwZZ5SYdfubmGYfnpG19M1wMTGV25FEXhMt7z2/image.gif: context deadline exceeded

I set my avatar image to:


LMK if you can help me troubleshoot.

I see the avatar show up on the manager app just fine:

It looks like that is a fractionalized NFT with 5 total owners, so maybe that’s why the “Owner” banner doesn’t show up.

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@serenae - that did it, thanks!

In the future, I’d want to do a 1/1 NFT to have the “owner” tab?

Most likely yes. Maybe support for those fractionalized NFTs could be added into the metadata service in the future though!

I made an app that can debug these before you commit them on-chain.

ENS Avatar & Records: sobanski.eth

Your avatar string is correct but the metadata URI is nonstandard and the image referenced by the metadata is nonstandard.

The contract returns ipfs://ipfs/QmVUgBajkfKzk7bQG7PSKMZvM8nkwH9B63iqRUdUqbidTg which expands to https://<ipfs-provider>/ipfs/ipfs/...

The same with the image: ipfs://ipfs/QmYVQ13qqwZZ5SYdfubmGYfnpG19M1wMTGV25FEXhMt7z2/image.gif