B2B Payments using ENS

gm everyone!

I am building Fractal Payments - a platform to help Web3 companies & freelancers automate invoicing & bill payments. Working with ENS is a big part of what I do (my users love ENS!) and I would love to get your take on my product. Any thoughts and ideas on how ENS could be helpful for B2B payments would be super appreciated!

Here is my website: Fractal Payments website
Here is a short product demo that focuses on ENS Functionality: Loom Link

Looking forward to chatting with you on Thursday!


Hey :wave: welcome @pskalin

This looks really cool! Thanks for sharing the demo. The possibilities of B2B solutions built on ENS is very interesting to think about, especially with the coming NameWrapper functionality. Iā€™m glad to see ideas like this come along. Looking forward to seeing more on Thursday too!

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