is live — view the tweet here.
It will be updated and improved continually, but I wanted to get this version out.
A feedback form will be added to the site. You can also DM me on Twitter with any feedback. is also up, with links to different ENS/governance related sites.


I think a “Proposal Voting Recap” section would be cool. Not sure if that is already on this site. Thanks!

There is a Record Keeping section at the bottom of the Social Proposals and the Executable Proposals pages which links to the governance docs — the source of truth for proposals voted on by the DAO.


This looks outstanding! I’m going to leave a few minor notes here:

  • “if they have certain DNSSEC compatibility” from the about page feels too technical and out of place. Given the percentage of TLDs that support DNSSEC is so high, we can probably leave this out to avoid confusing anyone.
  • “ENS is a system that maps human-readable domains names”
  • “It is much easier and safer for someone to send you cryptocurrency or transfer an NFT to you if you give them a human-readable name (like eminem.eth) rather than a hexadecimal address (like 0xb8c2c29ee19d8307cb7255e1cd9cbde883a267d5).” - We probably shouldn’t imply I’m Eminem. :laughing:
  • We should definitely be including a link on each page to somewhere users can propose edits etc.

How will newcomers find these docs?

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This is a solid step towards consolidating material into one central location so that people can locate content easily without becoming discouraged.

We’ll add this to the newsletter as a call to action - cc. @daylon.eth

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This is amazing! Almost like the ENS DAO Wiki I’ve been imagining in some form since I first starting participating. :slightly_smiling_face: I will be incorporating this into many things and referencing it often. Great job!