Big introduce yourself thread

Everyone, if we get multiple votes I would like to vote for ENS name: lostlabs.eth

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate:

This application represents LostLabs the organization, (contact: 0eGlu). We are a group of crypto native thinkers/coders with experiences in the space reaching as far back as 2015. We are currently developing in the metaverse space and extending the use of NFTs to all aspects of DeFi and would like to bring our experiences and development expertise into the conversations around ens.

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应该建立一个比较完善的激励制度 ,因为共识的力量很强大

  • ENS name: koob.eth
  • Discord Handle : koob
  • Twitter Handle : @koob_eth
  • Your main interests: travel and technology

Hi all, I work in traditional financial services and believe decentralisation is the future

ENS name: bambo.eth
Discord/Twitter Handle: Bambo823#0856/@bambo823
My interests: Health, blockchain technology, community building, art.

Hello frENS! Bambo is my metaname. I’m 32 yrd old, IRL I’m a Chef, I’ve been cooking for many years professionally and currently I run a meal prep company with my spouse. When I’m not working, I enjoy doing yoga, going to the beach, and learning as much as I can about the crypto space as a whole. I fell in love with crypto during the 2018 bear market so I guess that means I’m stubborn.
I’m feel incredibly lucky to be part of this DAO, this is by far the dopest thing that has happened to me in my crypto journey. I am very committed and cant wait to see what the future has in store for us.
Lets go!

ENS name: luo123.eth
Twitter @18519865qwe
My main interests:Web3 world
Hey, I’m Micheal ,I do my own work since 2020,I am a learner in Web3 world

Excited to be an ENS delegate & to build ENS DAO with you all. I have spent my career building consumer apps most recently as VP Product, Revenue at Tinder & have invested in crypto since 2016.

Please say hello if you have thoughts for the future of ENS applications. I am most interested in identifying new ENS use cases for social products in web3.

Twitter: @jmj
Delegate Application:


ENS name: adamsobotka.eth
Discord/Twitter Handle (optional) : vorcigernix#1185 / @vorcigernix
Your main interests: trading, developing mainstream projects, games

I am Adam. I am interested in blockchain for years and recently I started with building my web3 side projects and trading crypto. I still work as a director of engineering, I like working with people and technologies in general. You can read my (bullshit free) journey here.

Sounds like we have something in common. I’m also “in it for the tech,” since bitcoin was sub $500. The prospect of governance of a decentralized name service has really just naturally pulled me into this involvement. I guess I was really extra inspired by the airdrop, and I imagine that was a big part of the thinking that went into it. I feel like I have been assigned a duty to protect a public good, a protocol that I describe to others as likely more impactful in the big picture than something as common now as email. Nice to meet you and I hope to stay involved here often.

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Hello my name is Parsival.eth,

Discord/Twitter Handle: Parsival.eth#8113/@parsivaleth

I am fairly new to the crypto/metaverse/nft/Web3 space as of about 5 months to a year or so. I’m aiming to become a bigger part of these spaces through learning, educating and connecting with others!

I currently am just trying to absorb as much info as I can to learn more about the spaces! I am really just a regular person like many of you IRL.

My interest as of right now are to simply transition from my current manual labor job that I do not enjoy or have any interest in further persuing, into something in web3. Although I do not have much tech background as far as coding and such, if it will get me one step closer this goal, I am always open to learn. With that said, if anybody has any tips for somebody with such aspirations, I am of course all ears!


Hello world… greetings to everyone on this Space.
My name is Danny.

  • ENS name: lostplaces.eth

  • Discord server: Danny24#0046

  • Twitter Handle: @Danny24_eth

Am a full time Serial Entrepreneur ( crypto enthausist )in most cases Ethereum, DeFi, NFTs and lastly manage a crypto trading portfolio.

I’ve been investing and holding cryptocurrencies for a while now, But haven’t been deep into the space not until earlier July this year when I started learning about the DeFi protocols and how the governance system works… fast forward now, so far so good, I’m aiming to becoming a bigger part of these space through networking and learning new things along the line, as I get to connect with likeminds, friends and most especially create an exciting journey for me!

As for now my primary focus trying to absorb as much information as I can, through step by step learning process, and also looking to dive more into other future projects.
As should’ve mentioned in one of my post earlier I currently do not posses as much of a tech skills as far as coding and programming… but I am still open to learning as its never exhausts the mind.

ENS name: kyrers.eth
Discord: kyrers#6141
Twitter: @kyrers_eth
Main interests: Ethereum, privacy, and decentralization.

Hi all.
My name is Diogo Melo. I’m a software engineer from Portugal looking to transition from my Web2 job to Web3.

Hi all! I spent the last 4.5 years building the consumer-facing teams and products at Coinbase (Coinbase, Coinbase Wallet, Coinbase Pro). Starting in the middle of this year, I shifted out of that role to focus on DAOs and governance full time. I’m now working on two DAOs oriented around supporting public goods while supporting DAO and decentralization efforts internally at Coinbase.

Excited to work together on building this incredible public good!

ENS name: jessepollak.eth
Discord: jessepollak#0001
Twitter: @jessepollak

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I like this and your attitude very much

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Hey can someone help me out I tried to purchase a domain name with my meta wallet and when I look at my meta wallet transaction history it shows that there was a ‘‘smart interaction’’ completed referring to purchasing of the domain name but it also shows zero eth and took a gas fee payment of 26 dollars with no domain name or anything. what happened ?

ENS name: alief.eth
Twitter @StylezDH
Discord Original#9525

My main interests is payments, DAOs and how can TradFi adopt DeFi in the future.

Hi, I’m Alief - got interested in DeFi as it has aggressively making an appearance in the financial services world. Being someone who has been with TradFi for more than 10 years, I am intrigued to learn how can we adopt DeFi to bring out the best possible solution and experience for users. As of now, getting up to speed on DeFi, Web3 as well as the Metaverse!

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ENS name: andreashofmann.eth
Twitter @Bl0ckf1nance
Discord andreashofmann.eth#1048

I’m an OG in the space so I have been around since 2012/13. My main interest has been the new options deriving from blockchain even I was not able to oversee them in the early times. Meanwhile my main interest is payments, contracts, DAOs and how this technology will change the entire financial system (I’m working in).

I have been witnessing the growth of the DNS-system in the past 30 years – registered my first DNS in 1994 – and are sure we have a game changer here with the new ENS system. It took about thirty years for Mercedes Benz to get mainstream and I’m sure we face another success story with blockchain and Ethereum in general and ENS in particular.

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ENS names: marieschubo.eth and mariefromtheblock.eth
Job: Crypto and blockchain intern at Forbes, sports and business journalist
Location: NYC
Interests: Sports collectibes like NBA Topshot and Topps Bundesliga, gamification of NFTs like Formula 1 Delta, nway, Sorare and Animoca Labs
Personal: Have a puppy called Gatsby, love the Brooklyn Nets and Schalke, grew up in Europe

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ENS Name: sabaisquared.eth
Twitter: @sabaisquared
Main interests: Human Rights, Ethereum, DAOs, Play-to-earn, NFTs

Hi everyone! During the day some might think I’m only a PhD Law Candidate. Little do they know my from GM to GM, I’m all about Blockchain, Crypto and NFTs. I have founded Three Pillars Gaming - a play-to-earn focused e-sports team and Anspar - an NFT apps marketplace. Currently also writing on the intersection between human rights and blockchain.

I’m really into the potential of various aspects of the blockchain space that this technology enables and have just loved exploring every day. I find ENS and its transition fascinating, so I’m excited to be a part of this DAO and build with all of you.

Thanks for your hard work! I guess the link should be :laughing:

GM fellow degENS :laughing:
My name is karlo.eth and I’m searching where do I fit best within web3, could be ENS but it could be something else, only time will tell :mantelpiece_clock: