Big introduce yourself thread

I was inspired by How to grow decentralized communities | by Peter ‘pet3rpan’ | 1kxnetwork | Jun, 2021 | Medium and would love to kick this off.

I suggest we include the following info but optional.

  • ENS name: matoken.eth
  • Discord/Twitter Handle (optional) : makoto#2771 / @makoto_inoue
  • Your main interests: Data crunching. My Dune data dashboard is @makoto and create various ENS related data board.

Hi. I am Makoto and I have been dev at ENS since 2018. I am a bit of a jack of all trades reviewing solidity code, fixing bugs, analysing ENS related data, and organising various ENS events.

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ENS name: validator.eth
Twitter @validatoreth
Discord validator.eth#9238
My main interests are Ethereum, ENS, and decentralized identity.

Hi, my name is Kevin and I’ve been a long time ENS and Ethereum community member before recently becoming the ENS Support Lead. I enjoy all things Ethereum including DAOs, NFTs, public goods, scaling, onboarding, decentralization and generally spreading awareness about these things. I guess you could say that I’m am truly ‘in it for the tech’. I’m a naturally curious person who loves to help out whenever I can.

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ENS Name: leontalbert.eth
Discord/Twitter: LeonTalbert#2788/@talbert_leon
You main interests: frontend and smart contract development

Hey everyone I’m Leon one of the newest members of the ENS team. I’ll be mainly responsible for the frontend app so apologies in advance for all the bugs :S

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ENS name: brantly.eth /
Discord handle: brantly.eth#9803
Twitter: @brantlymillegan / brantly.eth
Main interests: my six kids!

Hey, I’m Brantly, I’ve been on the ENS team since January 2019. I’m currently director of operations, which means I help with strategy, planning, business, communications, integrations, etc.

  • ENS name: daddy.eth
  • Discord/Twitter Handle (optional) : 16888.eth#6525 / @AnClint
  • Your main interests: ENS and Defi

Hi. I am daddy.eth, I built with liubenben.eth, which is a website that translate docs/latest news/updates about ENS in Chinese. We want more ppl and projects in China know ENS and adopt it. Could join our unofficial Chinese ens fans community in our website.

  • ENS name: ithink2much.eth
  • Discord Handle : Lionel#3533
  • Twitter Handle : @LafontLft
  • Your main interests: Web Dev, Blockchain, Digital Art, NFTs

Hi there :vulcan_salute: I’m Lionel, french web dev and teacher. Passionate about blockchain though relatively new to the space. Learning Solidity and Web3 right now :slightly_smiling_face:

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  • ENS name: oxo.eth
  • Discord Handle : oxo.eth#6288
  • Twitter Handle : @ethlightwaves
  • Your main interests: making crypto fun and accessible

Hi everyone! My name is Doug, I’ve been a fan and interested observer of Ethereum for awhile now and finally decided it’s time to start working on a little project of my own, which may eventually help someone some day.

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  • ENS name: nealw.eth
  • Discord Handle : NealWhittle#8331
  • Twitter Handle : whittle_neal
  • Your main interests: development, defi, just watching the whole crypto space grow.

Hello everyone, my name is Neal, I live in Sydney, Australia where we are currently in covid lockdown and home-schooling nine year old Harry is proving quite a challenge (I’m bowing in your direction @brantlymillegan knowing you have six! :grin:)

I am fascinated by the potential of blockchain technology and ever since I got interested, it is hard to know which way to run: development, governance, educating the masses, helping defi to grow so that it becomes mainstream, I would love to do all of this and more.

Ethereum is an amazing invention and ENS will surely grow once gas fees are reasonable and more and more people discover its true potential. I’m looking forward to watching it evolve.

Anyway, hoping to be able to make a meaningful contribution here and become intelligent enough to give @makoto and the rest of the crew a helping hand …

Cheers and best wishes, Neal.

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  • ENS name: premm.eth
  • Discord : nxt3d#8360
  • Twitter Handle : nxt3d
  • Your main interests: art, open source, autonomous communities, NFTs, web3.

Hi all! I have always been working at the intersection of technology and art, with a background in sculpture, design and software development. I aim to enable people to share their work in a way that anyone can understand and appreciate using ENS.

I am currently working on a project using ENS domains and look forward to connecting with others to learn more and gain an even better understanding of ENS.

If anyone is also working on an ENS based project, would be happy to connect.



HI @Premm.eth, welcome to the ENS community :smiley:

Thanks for the welcome!

Hi I’m just starting here. what a world!

  • ENS name: xsculpt.eth
  • Discord : xsculpt1088
  • Twitter Handle : @xsculpt
  • Your main interests: art, science, technology, NFTs, metaverse

Hello, I’m a sculptor and professor with a keen interest in the future of art-- Life-- in the blockchain. I have a lot of experience with automatic manufacturing using robots and 3d printers. Inspired by art, science, and technology. But also by my friend Prem Makeig who has graciously shared his knowledge. I’m bristling with all the possibilities. next up post something at xsculpt.eth

Hi @xsculpt, welcome to the community.

I was thinking ‘Hey, what’s with all these sculpture dudes’ but I see you and @Premm.eth are already friends! :smiley: