Big introduce yourself thread

I was inspired by How to grow decentralized communities | by Peter ‘pet3rpan’ | 1kxnetwork | Jun, 2021 | Medium and would love to kick this off.

I suggest we include the following info but optional.

  • ENS name: matoken.eth
  • Discord/Twitter Handle (optional) : makoto#2771 / @makoto_inoue
  • Your main interests: Data crunching. My Dune data dashboard is @makoto and create various ENS related data board.

Hi. I am Makoto and I have been dev at ENS since 2018. I am a bit of a jack of all trades reviewing solidity code, fixing bugs, analysing ENS related data, and organising various ENS events.

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ENS name: validator.eth
Twitter @validatoreth
Discord validator.eth#9238
My main interests are Ethereum, ENS, and decentralized identity.

Hi, my name is Kevin and I’ve been a long time ENS and Ethereum community member before recently becoming the ENS Support Lead. I enjoy all things Ethereum including DAOs, NFTs, public goods, scaling, onboarding, decentralization and generally spreading awareness about these things. I guess you could say that I’m am truly ‘in it for the tech’. I’m a naturally curious person who loves to help out whenever I can.

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ENS Name: leontalbert.eth
Discord/Twitter: LeonTalbert#2788/@talbert_leon
You main interests: frontend and smart contract development

Hey everyone I’m Leon one of the newest members of the ENS team. I’ll be mainly responsible for the frontend app so apologies in advance for all the bugs :S

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ENS name: brantly.eth /
Discord handle: brantly.eth#9803
Twitter: @brantlymillegan / brantly.eth
Main interests: my six kids!

Hey, I’m Brantly, I’ve been on the ENS team since January 2019. I’m currently director of operations, which means I help with strategy, planning, business, communications, integrations, etc.

  • ENS name: daddy.eth
  • Discord/Twitter Handle (optional) : 16888.eth#6525 / @AnClint
  • Your main interests: ENS and Defi

Hi. I am daddy.eth, I built with liubenben.eth, which is a website that translate docs/latest news/updates about ENS in Chinese. We want more ppl and projects in China know ENS and adopt it. Could join our unofficial Chinese ens fans community in our website.