Blockchain domain names gaining value

ChatGPT popularises human interaction with artificial intelligence. Reshapes the understanding of AI. Adds tools for problem solving. Another tool. The decentralised social software was also quietly created. Damus comes with a translation function. Enabling free anti-censorship communication for users worldwide. However, the economic model of Damus is unclear. No substantial operating income. The sustainability of Damus is a concern. The account names used are all long strings of code. They are difficult for humans to identify. User names and avatars can also be forged. Public chat rooms are currently flooded with bots and fake advertising messages. The real value of Damus is greatly diminished by the fact that messages from inaccurate users are difficult to identify. Design for the future. Decentralised social software should use the Web3 decentralised identity system. Use blockchain domain names to inverse resolve long string accounts as the name of the user. to determine that the user is real and valid (and not an adbot). And thus deliver valuable information. May the future of ENS be promising. May the world be peaceful, safe and have a better future! landed on the decentralised social innovation model. But it also faces the risk of spam attacks. damus blocks out ads with a repeater, but also blocks out user tweets. The essence of Damus’ decentralisation is judged by this. It’s all about adding friends manually. Friends forward messages to each other. The nostr protocol is, of course, a way to make the spread of information more unhindered.
For non-face-to-face additions, Damus offers a verification service called NIP-05. However, Damus’ verification service is retractable. My was withdrawn because it had the same name as the official one.
Finally, I have to mention again that Damus is not only missing censorship-resistant domains. It also needs a good economic model to keep the repeater running and maintained.
We are looking forward to decentralised social. We also expect decentralised domains to be applied sooner.


Great potential future use case!

The only issue I see is that perhaps some spammers/scammers will be happy to pay $5 a year to have a .eth domain with which to make their bots look more human.

But I suppose that, in that case, the ones that look more expensive or OG (e.g. theking.eth as opposed to theking25abc.eth) will be more listened to in those contexts.

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Damus has a terrible search function. You have to have the other user’s string to add a friend. I don’t recognise strings. Means my friend could be impersonated.

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