Bought ens domain, but the image is "invalid name" : ◕ω◕.eth is not in normalized form

So I bought: ◕ω◕.eth as ens domain when checking the nft on the market places it shows that the name is invalid.
When calling the metadata.ens api I get back that the name is not normalized? (also the image link is telling me the name is invalid? )
I bought the ens domain with the website, I did not interacted directly with the smart contract.

When typing: ◕ω◕.eth in metamask and or etherscan it finds my address. Etherscan is also able to pull the correct image? I guess they use something else then the api?

Could someone shine some light on my problem and how I can resolve this


Api callback:

{“is_normalized”:false,“name”:"[0x52b1…369e].eth",“description”:"[0x52b1…369e].eth, an ENS name. (◕ω◕.eth is not in normalized form) ⚠️ ATTENTION: This name contains non-ASCII characters as shown above. Please be aware that there are characters that look identical or very similar to English letters, especially characters from Cyrillic and Greek. Also, traditional Chinese characters can look identical or very similar to simplified variants. For more information:…",“attributes”:[{“trait_type”:“Created Date”,“display_type”:“date”,“value”:null},{“trait_type”:“Length”,“display_type”:“number”,“value”:3},{“trait_type”:“Registration Date”,“display_type”:“date”,“value”:1651564811000},{“trait_type”:“Expiration Date”,“display_type”:“date”,“value”:1683121763000}],“name_length”:3,“url”:null,“version”:0,“image_url”:“…”}

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Hi @0xcryptonaut.eth welcome to the forums!

There’s an open issue for this situation in github. As far as I know it’s being worked on, but I don’t know an ETA. You can read a bit more about it here: Seemingly valid names are being reported as invalid by metadata service · Issue #71 · ensdomains/ens-metadata-service · GitHub

Feel free to comment on the issue there as well.


@zadok7 Thanks that helps. Now I know I am not alone hehe