Brantly's position as TNL's Director of Operations

True Names Limited (TNL), the nonprofit that funds and organises development on @ensdomains, has terminated the contract of Brantly Millegan effective today.

Brantly has been a valued team member of TNL for the past three years. However, as a team we felt that his position with TNL is no longer tenable.

Many of you were hurt by Brantly’s comments over the past 24 hours, and we strongly believe that ENS should be an inclusive community. Going forward we’ll continue to do everything we can to ensure that remains the case.

Any delegates or stewards with concerns or questions should feel free to reach out to me via DM.

Anyone wanting to speak to Brantly should note that his Twitter account is currently suspended for an unknown period, and so he cannot receive DMs there.

For the moment Brantly remains a director of the ENS Foundation, the real-world entity that represents the DAO. It is my recommendation that he remain in that position until a replacement is nominated and voted in by the DAO.


Thank you for the swift action. I would ask if there is anyone who can step into the Director role temporarily until a suitable replacement is found? I ask this because having a gap for a time is better than continuing to sacrifice the reputation of ENS and further alienating prominent members of the community. Or at the least may we bring it to vote?

What is happening to Brantly’s $ENS Tokens?

At one point his take was worth almost $100 million (at the ~$80 price).

How much has he sold?

How much is left subject to vesting and will be clawed back?

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I also think this should be something that the DAO has a say on. People will have different perspectives on this, and there has not really been an opportunity for people to vote on anything yet, and I think there is a strong interest by many people to exercise their voting rights.


Isn’t this the time when Stewards take some charge and lead the DAO toward a meaningful direction? Instead it has been the delegates who have had to do this. We haven’t heard much from any Stewards except those from the Community WG.

@James organised the had the first meeting on Sunday which lead to the decision of the removal of Brantly from the community WG steward ENS DAO next steps re: Brantly . Another one is going to happen on Thursday DAO Wide Steward Call


The meeting DAO Wide Call on Thursday was initiated last week before the recent events. If the attendees would like to cover the replacement of the director during the call, I’d be happy to steer the agenda in that direction.

@inplco This is the time. I plan on making a small post this week with my personal perspective and what I think the next steps are. The stewards are thinking hard about this, even if that is not evident on the forum.

Coming from my background, giving into a false sense of urgency can be dangerous. The obvious path forward is a DAO vote on Brantly’s position as one of the three ENS Foundation directors.

With that said, we still have two competent directors in that position, also the treasury and the root multisig are are safe. Proceeding in both a timely and deliberate manner here is important. The accident has already happened, our job is to correct it without causing further harm.


All TNL staff were awarded a combination of locked tokens and vested options. The locked tokens are in recognition of the work they put in up until the launch of the DAO, and are theirs regardless of their status at TNL or with the DAO. They’re governed by a smart contract (tokenlock.ensdao.eth) that sets a vesting schedule; this same contract is used for all locked tokens including the DAO’s.

TNL staff were also awarded vested options out of the tokens allocated to TNL. These options stop vesting when someone leaves TNL.

The first unlock date for all tokens (locked or vested) is May 4, 2022. No team member has access to any of the contributor allocation yet.

Out of concern for protecting the privacy of TNL staff, we haven’t published a detailed breakdown of everyone’s individual allocations, and I don’t think it would be appropriate to do that now.


Can you provide the same amount of information that is available from public sources, i.e. the smart contracts. I think it doesn’t make sense for other people to dig this info up, which I assume people will do anyway.

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Someone already did it at


Which category does the TNL token allocation come from?

  • Core Contributors (18.96%)
  • Launch Advisors (0.58%)
  • Future Contributors (1.25%)
  • External Contributors (1.29%)
  • Select Integrations (2.5%)
  • Keyholders (0.25%)

How many tokens will be unlocked on May 4th (overall)?
How many tokens will be vested between May 4th 2022 and November 2025 (overall)?

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TNL does not have an allocation for itself, but it manages the Core Contributors and Future Contributors allocations.

1/8th of the locked tokens - or 8,191,502 tokens in total. 5,625,000 of these belong to the DAO, leaving 2,566,502 tokens for contributors unlocking on that date.

All the tokens currently locked will unlock by then - 65,532,017 tokens in total. 45M of those belong to the DAO, leaving ~20M tokens for contributors in total.


Thanks Nick.

Can you clarify what the split is between ~20 million tokens issued via TNL that are subject to vesting, vs % of tokens that where just granted without restriction?

Also what does the vesting period look like for TNL staff? is it 48 months with a 1 year cliff like most startups?

The TNL multisig currently holds 473,570 tokens. These are a combination of contributor rewards that were not yet distributed (because we could not contact the contributor, or they have not responded with an address), a part of the future contributor allocation that was set aside for use as-and-when needed, and Discord Airdrop tokens that were not claimed. The remainder of the tokens are locked in the timelock - either for TNL to pay out future vesting from, or for individual contributors.

Everything - DAO, TNL and contributors - is under the same timelock, 48 months with a 6 month cliff.