Brantly's Tens of Millions of Dollars of ENS Tokens

Brantly received a large grant of ENS tokens, worth almost $100 million at their peak.

How much of that is subject to vesting? What will get clawed back?

How much did he sell onto the public since November?

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he didn’t receive anything, its all vested, you gonna have to look for details of vesting in airdrop documents $ENS Token Allocation (Claiming Opens Nov 8) — ENS

Didn’t he receive 1.1 million tokens worth almost ~$100m at their peak as a “core contributor”?

Giving away such huge grants without a vesting schedule for the team seems like a huge mistake.

Unfortunately the blog post you linked to break out who the “core contributors” are and what they each received. Is this detailed anywhere publicly?

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He has been removed from his role as a community leader since the community decided they had incompatible values. He is now a private person and his token allocations are his own business (other than what’s already on the public record). The amount was deserved, as he has contributed a lot of value to the project.

Please stop whatever this is.


I have written a response here: Brantly's position as TNL's Director of Operations - #9 by nick.eth

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