Bug: [unknownabcd1234].eth for names I have favorited

When I view my name list at https://app.ens.domains/address/0x12475b855a2aeac5d07ec882c85f15d4d91af445 most of them are of the form [unknownabcd1234].eth. If I click on them, they correctly display the name, I think because I have them favorited or I have recently searched for them. However, I cannot get them to correctly display the textual string in the “My Names” list.

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This is because ENS only stores the hashes of names, not their preimages. We know some preimages from registration events and from a general dictionary, but we don’t know them all.

Can you please file bugs and feature requests at https://github.com/ensdomains/ens-app/issues/new instead of on the forums?

I have the identical issue–unknown name in names list but name shows when I click on it.

Address: 0x5b4981355c62c555c59547974807b715b87a24e7 name is ettally.eth and shows when I click on it sometimes, sometimes not. ENS make up your mind! Didn’t it used to remember the name once you identified it?

Here’s another couple unknowns I cannot find the name for: [unknownfe79e65f42].eth and
[unknown4b535d4dca].eth These are names are under my account but I can’t figure out what the name is. I saw something how to determine that but lost the guide to do it.

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