Bug: [unknownabcd1234].eth for names I have favorited

When I view my name list at https://app.ens.domains/address/0x12475b855a2aeac5d07ec882c85f15d4d91af445 most of them are of the form [unknownabcd1234].eth. If I click on them, they correctly display the name, I think because I have them favorited or I have recently searched for them. However, I cannot get them to correctly display the textual string in the “My Names” list.

This is because ENS only stores the hashes of names, not their preimages. We know some preimages from registration events and from a general dictionary, but we don’t know them all.

Can you please file bugs and feature requests at https://github.com/ensdomains/ens-app/issues/new instead of on the forums?