Building a financial forecast model for ENS

I wanted to make a post to hopefully start a discussion around a forward-looking financial model.

I have a background in investment banking, and in that role, have worked with a variety of web2 companies. All of these companies had a detailed financial model that projected revenue, expenses, cash, etc. and was the basis for a number of key decisions made around things such as hiring, marketing, R&D, etc.

It appears from reviewing the forums that ENS has detailed snapshots on their financial performance and spend budget, but not a long-term financial model that can be flexed based upon different assumptions and inputs.

From my perspective, this is a no brainer to have, but curious to get a temperature check from other folks in the community


Hello, welcome. Please add your thoughts to the ongoing discussion: ENS enDAOment

Please also find below a resource to help you navigate the ENS DAO.

Thank you.


web2 公司的财务模型都是中心化的吧?ENSDAO的理想是致力于去中心化的公益组织,不知道会不会冲突。

I 100% agree that this would be useful.

I would be happy to pull together a more detailed proposal outlining exactly what I would build, why it would be helpful, what time the timeline would be, etc.

Big believer that DAOs that leverage a rigorous financial framework to drive key spend and operating decisions will have a competitive advantage over those that do not

Would love to hear it!


@SamB I am interested in this point and ready to help and support you in that

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