Welcome New Member

Welcome New Member,

You may find the information within these lists helpful:

Navigating the DAO
Community Dashboard

View the full Dashboard here.

Working Groups

How Work Happens: [EP14][Social] Dissolve Community Working Group

Getting Involved
  1. Join the Community Working Group Weekly Sync. Friday’s @ 9AM PST // 12PM EST
  2. Agenda: Cleared after each meeting. Create your own talking points M-F.
  3. Consider nominating yourself to become a Steward of any Working Group during next term’s Nomination Window.

Current Q3/Q4 Stewards:

  • Meta-Goverannce: coltron.eth, simona.eth, nick.eth
  • Public Goods: anthonyware.eth, ceresstation.eth, avsa.eth
  • Ecosystem: bobjiang.eth, validator.eth, slobo.eth

Stewards may assist in chaperoning new members into Working Groups they feel they fit best in. Special thanks to @danch.quixote for inspiring this post and welcome to the ENS DAO!