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I saw a post about NFT search engine, and it had me thinking if it made sense to have a .eth search engine and if ENS should build it or get a third party to do it. Can we list below any potential use cases of a search engine and if it gains enough traction, we can decide if it makes sense to push the initiative.

Search Engine Ideas for .ETH

  1. Like a yellow pages. So if you are looking for cypto lawyer, you can search crypto lawyer or lawyer, and .eth would come up of people who do this service. Maybe .ETH has a field somewhere where people can write a x word description or service they offer?

  2. Search engine linked esq. If you are looking for a crypto developer, maybe .eth can have an area where you can indicate the expertise you have or resume or available for hire. and the search engine could gather results by country etc.

Basically, .eth can create more fields where users can fill things in and then a search engine can be used to provide results or parse the content. Basically .Eth becomes an identity and then you enter info in fields for ENS and then a search engine can be created to curate results.

It is a low probability but high potential opportunity. Maybe ENS can create something publicly first and allow others to build on it for a variety of use cases.

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There already exists one. Esteroids


Thanks for posting @474.ETH
As @inplco mentioned there exists a project that does that. In fact I believe they were supported by the DAO to build this. You can read their subgroup request here: Ecosystem WG - Request for Subgroups - #11 by Elle97

You could ping some of the users for the esteroids project and see how you could contribute.

But yeah just want to say, keep dreaming and building. Stick around the forums here and see what’s being built, and maybe even what should be built.

To get involved a little deeper, check out this welcome post: Welcome New Member

Glad to have you around!


Those are good ideas!

As @inplco and @zadok7 mentioned, we already have a .eth search engine, Esteroids, and a .eth websites subgroup.

The way to be more involved in the search engine is to join Esteroids Discord.

Regarding the .eth websites group in general: there were two calls in May, the recent one this week. I think the next one will take place no sooner than 3 weeks from now. An announcement will be posted in Discuss once it’s set.

You can DM me if you have any proposals to discuss there, or write in the #eth-websites-subgroup in Esteroids Discord.


Sweet, good to know!