Post engagement conduct inquiry

As a newer member of ENS DAO, I have been slowly integrating myself. I’m still trying to get the feel and groove of things as this is the first time I have participated in a DAO. It seems like most of you have known each other for sometime.

I’m curious to know about participation:
Are members encouraged to stay within a certain WG ? As in—try to reply to topics within the WG that you associate with the most ? I guess i’m asking — is it encouraged or frowned upon to voice opinions in all topics across the board ? I don’t want to overstep myself in any way. Hopefully that makes sense ?

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There is no such gatekeeping or “stay in your lane” mentality here, feel free to add your voice to any and all topics! I certainly encourage it


@serenae beat me to it. We’re all making this up as we go. The DAO has actually only existed for about six months. I am happy to see new people coming in, and I try to encourage it on Twitter. You’re here at a good time, the next Steward elections are about to happen next month. Don’t be intimidated - we’re all equals here. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wait, you’re on Twitter?

Yeah, same name.

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Apologies for hijacking your thread to make a bad joke about @daylon.eth’s twitter use (he didn’t get it anyway).:man_facepalming:

I think a DAO requires consensus to function, and you can’t form consensus without a bunch of opinions. So, share away. Personally, I do my best to try to get up to speed on what I’m opining about first, but even that might not be a formal requirement. :joy:


That’s a good one :joy:


That is a good point about getting up to speed on a topic that a member is replying to.

How a person responds will either be:

Intrinsic and Qualitative - Instinctual Response


Extrinsic and Qualitative - delayed investigative response

Each provide dynamic opinions that gives a non responding party a unique perspective.

Ok enough Internet Forum Communication Theory

wutt @daylon.eth isn’t twittering ??? :scream:


what’s ur twitter name handle :joy:


Hi @accessor.eth, this post might be for you!