Building a new city for ENS community on Somnilife

I’m from, a fast-developing 3D SocialFi Metaverse attracting extensive attention worldwide. We would like to invite you for marketing and strategic collaborations.

SomniLife is a Web3 based, High-definition and Multi-chain Metaverse where users can explore, socialize, play and earn, while builders can build up their 3D worlds, organize events, establish businesses and set up sophisticated incentives by fully leveraging the permissionless nature of Web3 with our deep on-chain data analytics tools and Metaverse building tools.

With distinctive features like AI supported avatars, wearable NFTs and strong yet rapidly-growing communities (~130k Twitter and ~30k Discord followers), SomniLife is the front-runner of all Metaverse projects. We are confident that the collaboration between us will drastically boost the profiles and communities for both of us.

We would like to do some collaborations and marketing activities with ENS.DAO. We have recently partnered with Hoobi, Gate, OKX, FTX, Bybit, StepN, MeebitsDAO and many others (this list goes on). We have 850k users and 420k residents so far. You can check our website, try our metaverse and see our recent activities on Twitter.
Please reach me back via one of the channels below for further communication.
Thank you.
Discord: @Thracian
Telegram: @Thracian01123

Hello again great EnsDao community.

Somnilife is built on ETH and also we support BSC and Polygon as well. We have already built our hyper-realistic metaverse on Web3 and we are willing to get your support to reach more crypto/metaverse lovers. We have over 60 professionals in our team and we haven’t sell any lands or tokens yet. Our first aim is building the best metaverse. To enter and enjoy our metaverse, you don’t have to have any capital in your wallet or you don’t have to download any 3rd party apps, it’s totally built on web.

We are hoping to do some social media activities first to show our support to each other. Then we can help you to build your own city, with your stage, pub, gallery, office and other features.