Building on top of ENS - your customisable web3 profile. Feedback welcome!

Hello folks, we are building on top of ENS. The idea is to create a customisable platform for you that will act as your web3 profile and a key to network with fellow ENSers. It is free, open source and we would love to build it along with the community. Would really appreciate your thoughts and feedback which you can also tweet us @gweiclub on twitter.

We aim to build a decentralised identity and network for everyone in the eth nation. ENS is amazing and we were surprised to see that not many builders have started building on top of it. We plan to build this in a composable and open source way. If you want to build with us, give feedback, or just hang around, join us on our discord that is launching soon.

We have started with building a slightly more detailed profile than page. This profile fetches data from the chain and make it a bit more better looking (depends on taste). A rough road map of our release process is below

Detailed profile - Users currently have no control over which NFTs they want to showcase, they want to hide, they want to highlight, they want to put up for sale, they never want to sale etc. Every NFT purchase has a story, behind it. It could be as small as ‘I aped into it’ to a detailed methodical research and calculated move about how you figured out the diamond for yourself.

We are building an interface and board where you can tell all these stories to the world.

User interactions - you will be able to invite other people to come and interact with your NFTs. There was a story when you bought the NFTs, but the story doesn’t end there. Your NFTs are a living breathing thing, they keep on creating more stories. We will let other come and participate in those journeys.

User connections - you will be able to connect with more degens, eth maxis, builders, devs, artists, VCs, and every Ethereum believer out there.

More to keep coming—

Give us a try by visiting or just open < your ENS > and checkout your profile.

Thanks if you made it till here.
If you want to give feedback, build with us, our twitter and discord (launching soon) are awaiting you!


Couple of you have mentioned in DM about loading time, so we have very limited server bandwidth right now, if your profile doesn’t load please try again after sometime. We are working on scaling it. Thanks!

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It looks great, nice work :slight_smile:

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Looks good, @avatar5511.

Wishing you well with this project :trophy:

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Thanks! Excited to bring the updates to you @Cthulu.eth @Neal

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Feel free to add your inputs, ideas for the product as and when you get them.

Thanks for posting @avatar5511

I’ll be following your progress. In the meantime feel free to join a weekly ecosystem to share more about where this project is going. We meet at 6pm GMT on Mondays (cal link)

@estmcmxci what do you think of having a blog post on profile projects being built on ENS? I’m aware of several. Maybe we reach out to the builders and get quotes from the builders. Could be a chance for some cross pollination.


I think it’s a good idea. I am intending to write about several projects featured on Gitcoin Grants within the ENS Ecosystem. This project would be a good addition to the list!

Thank you for your thoughts @slobo.eth ! I look forward to joining the call on Monday and talk about our progress.

Happy to hear that @estmcmxci ! Let me know if you want to discuss this project in detail. You may also share your questions and we can send you the answers to the same if you intend to write about them. Happy to share the version 2 creatives on how the completed platform will look like for the same.

Learning as we build, got further clarification on this issue - the loading time is slow the first time you open a profile because it is being directly fetched from the chain. Not a server bandwidth issue. We might consider caching the data in the future for faster load times.

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Looks nice. Little similar to I’d definitely add a Lens profile to make it more social.

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Thank you for the feedback @vorcigernix !

@slobo.eth @Cthulu.eth @Neal @estmcmxci @vorcigernix it would be great if you all can join us on discord and share your feedback with us as we build.

Don’t want to spam with more thread on the same topic on this forum but also need a continuous feedback loop. If you know others who might be interested in building and contributing to new projects on ENS would be great too.

You can join the discord here:

Many thanks!

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