Bulk refund deposit on 300+ domains


As the title suggests i’m looking for a solution to bulk refund deposit’s on 300+ domains i registered years ago.

I’m probably going to let the majority of them lapse without renewing them.

The task of going through the process individually to refund each on is quite daunting, i’m hoping there is an automated solution.

Will they eventually auto refund to me?

What happens when the domain registration lapses, someone else rents the domain, would they be able to claim my refund if i don’t do it first?

Thanks in advance!

Same here - bulk renewal declinations would be great!

what’s your ETH address ? Let me check . I’m buying ENS domains.

To get each refund, you need to call the release function on the original ETH registrar with the keccak256 hash of the label of the name (Eg, keccak256('foo') for foo.eth). You may be able to find a service that makes it easier to do this in a batched fashion for you, though unless the names are owned by a contract, it’ll still require submitting one transaction for each reclaim.

What sort of names are you interested in, bitwave? I’ve got many, like worldwide.eth, sportbet.eth, many US States, some common first and last names, many others.

it’s impossible to get refund, but you can sell it to me at low prices, please create an account https://opensea.io/ and send me the selling link, I’ll buy some of them. you only have 6 days before 2nd Aug.

if you want some domains, you can check the address and send messages to graspwind@gmail.com

Can a refund, but the amount received is wrong. I also want to know why?

We created a separate site for this.


do not work for me why??

Please remember that the amount you will receive is the amount of the second-highest bidder (unless you were the only bidder). For example, if you bid 1 ETH and the second highest bidder bid 0.1 ETH, you deposited 0.1 ETH and you have already received the remaining (0.9 ETH) when you finailsed the auction. Therefore you can now only reclaim 0.1 ETH back.