Buy ETH with fiat --> accessible to own an ENS

Hi there,

Happy to write my first conversation here in the general discussion! I believe adding a fiat on-ramp on the ENS dapp could help any user buy their ENS with ease.

The problem I see is that people need to already have a CEX account and make many transactions to get some ETH on their Metamask wallet, or they would need to wait for all transactions to go through before buying their ENS (bank β†’ CEX β†’ wallet).

The user could:

  1. Buy ETH with fiat and put its wallet address to receive the cryptos
  2. Choose the ENS and approve the different transactions

I’m from Transak so happy to receive your feedback on this and explore this topic further.

Have a nice day,

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It’s not really a question of users buying ENS, but how users buy cryptocurrency with fiat currency.

Hey @openea.eth, thanks for your answer! Basically, we are already on Metamask so users can easily buy crypto with fiat there.

The purpose of my message was to make ENS more accessible to all.

As of now someone interested to get a domain.eth has to go through many steps before being able to own one (bank β†’ CEX β†’ conversion β†’ Metamask), it could be simplified by having a fiat on-ramp directly on the :wink: What are your thoughts on this?

Got it. Your proposal is to create a tool in order to:

  1. go at

  2. Choose a domain

  3. Then, choose to pay with Fiat

  4. copy paste the address where should be sent the domain.eth

Is this correct?

This is correct @04233.eth thanks for clarifying it!

I’m at Transak so the widget is already created, there is only a need to integrate it nicely on the dapp. I have to check internally if the option to buy directly a domain with fiat is possible (the domain is purchased by Transak on behalf of the user’s wallet). If not, there is still an opportunity in providing users with a fiat on-ramp option when selecting the domain to top up their wallets with ETH (as you said).