Buying downward protection on the DAO treasury

Hi all,

I’m from - my cofounder and I are creating downside protection for treasuries using on-chain derivatives. We’ve seen quite a few orgs struggle to keep up with current dollar commitments - paying staff, contributors, and ecosystem grants - planning forward, and protecting critical collateral ratios at the protocol level. We’d be keen to start a discussion around how much of this sounds familiar to ENS DAO and what can be done to address this, given the recent market downturns.

We have interest from a few DAOs with AUMs over $100M, who have expressed the need to purchase this kind of protection. That being said, our platform is not yet shipped - we are keen to involve DAOs early on to understand their needs. In terms of liquidity, the way we are building the platform will facilitate trades at any size. It will not be limited to the size of existing AMM pools - we understand it is infeasible to do this on current infrastructure, and our solution addresses this.

We’d be curious to hear your thoughts!
Ben & Chris

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Hi, I think that you should add some of your thoughts to the ongoing discussion: An ENS enDAOment