Can ENS support gender?

Can ENS support gender? It seems that this is very important, and the multiple identities embodied in metaverse are very meaningful. Especially in Web3.0 social products,it will be very interesting to imagine a Tinder based on NFT.


The domain records actually support any custom key/value pairs you want! So you could add a gender record, but if you wanted to integrate that into an app programmatically where splitting users up by gender is important (like a Tinder), then you might need some agreement on what values to use. For example, in the healthcare IT space this Administrative Gender codeset is often used: Valueset-administrative-gender - FHIR v4.0.1

Or you could just let people put whatever they want for the record (they are going to do that anyway)! Then it’s up to the client dapp to parse the value string as needed. The only trouble there is that the parsing will never be perfect and edge-cases will always occur, leading to the user to be put into the wrong group in your app, or not included at all.

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Ok,got it! I’ll try this.

Don’t forget that each entry is very gas costly, so unless you have a reason to have an onchain gender option it’s better if you just post a single text record linking to a larger file containing more information on the user.