Cannot add any content via Tor browser with the manager

I wanted to add an onion link to my domain. I have read that i have to put onion://[myaddress without .onion] on content field to do that.

But I cannot do that on, an exclamation point appears anytime i try to add anything to that field, while apparently i can add/edit other fields. There is no explanation of the error.

I am using Tor browser with standard security settings.

Can anyone help me? Can i add an onion link using the URL field instead?


i’am sorry i can’t help, but i’am sure u will find someone who will help you

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I stumbled upon this issue myself right now, several months later. I think the issue is that ENS only supports v2 onion addresses (i.e. the old, short format which is no longer supported by Tor). So support for v3 needs to be added and support for v2 removed. Not sure who to ping about this.

By the way, does anyone know if and are supposed to be able to redirect onion:// ENS names to the appropriate .onion URL? It’s certainly not working with old v2 onion ENS names so I assume not.