Can't claim ENS airdrop from old MEW

I registered several .eth domains a couple years ago using myetherwallet. I believe the wallet I used is eligible to claim the airdrop, however, I only set it up with a private key and password. I’m not able to access the MEW app using a private key as it says it does not support this login method. Without the app, I have no way of claiming. Any solutions to this?

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I had the same problem. Use the MetaMask add on in Chome and open your MEW account with your private key in MetaMask.

Click on account, import account, select private key option.


Hi thank you,didn’t know this was possible. However now whenever I try to connect to it autoconnects to a different wallet address I had open before on metamask. Metamask shows that my new metamask (old mew) account is connected to ens, but ens is stuck connected to the other metamask wallet address. Please advise help?

You should be able to manually disconnect the undesired address using the Metamask interface directly. Then select the imported account and manually connect with that account… finally refresh the web page.

I don’t see a way to manually disconnect. It says “not connected” next to the “stuck” account. And it says " connected " next to the account number I seek to check.

I really appreciate your help! Feel like I’m running after caboose of fast moving train going somewhere I don’t know, I only know I want to be on it. Plus, I am really not fast
enough to be on it. Nevertheless…