Can't register a new subdomain

I’m trying to register a new subdomain. It accepts the label I’m putting and it gets to the point that asks me for confirming the registration on MetaMask, but after the “Set Subnode Record” transaction is completed, nothing change in my list of subdomains, i,.e. the new one is not there. Tried 3 times so far (i.e. 3 registered “Set Subnode Record” transactions my MetaMask).

Hi, can you let me know your domain and the transaction URL when you set subdomain?

Just checked and it’s there now. Yesterday I checked to see if it could be a cache situation and apparently it wasn’t, so some kind of extended delay in the process maybe?

And it engulfed my 3 transactions anyway.

We take the subdomain list from so there is an occasional delay to be indexed on that end.