Cant register my google domain on ENS

So i’m trying to register the domain i got from google, but there’s this error message:
“DNS server responded with NXDOMAIN”, can anyone help me with that?

Thanks so much!

Did you set up with a TXT record?

Did you solve this? I get the same NXDOMAIN error. My xyz domain has been registered with Google domains for several days and I’ve added the TXT record.

Hi, yes i solved it, did you add quotation marks to your TXT record? “a=0x1234…” like this?

Yes, the quotation marks were added automatically.

I used a DNS lookup tool to check for a TXT record but none is found. I then tried adding a generic test TXT record with @ in the Name field. The DNS found that one no problem after a hour or two.

Next I tried changing the Name field from to _ens. This caused the “DNS server responded with NXDOMAIN” error to disappear but I’m still stuck on “ENABLE DNSSEC” with no option to click anywhere else.

DNSSEC is definitely enabled on my domain as is the default

For the Ethereum address I used a public key generated by MetaMask. Is that OK?

yes i also used my metamask wallet address, and it works for me. I wrote a brief tutorial on how to register ens:, feel free to let me know if it works

Thanks for the tutorial. AFAICT, the manual DNSSEC setup leads to the same result as the Google Domains default.

Anyway, I’m still stuck on “DNS server responded with NXDOMAIN”. I’m going to give up on this. It was just for fun really so no biggie. Thanks again for your input.