Can't set as primary ENS

I’m trying to set an ENS domain as a primary ENS for a contract (a gnosis safe to be precise).
Is this something that is not possible?

There are no options to do anything in the space where setting primary is usually done. See screenshot, hopefully it works

Any ideas?
The NFT is owned by the gnosis safe i’m trying to set it to. The registrant and controller are both the safe’s address also. No resolver is set.

What name is it?

If it contains emojis or other special characters, then it’s likely affected by this issue

If so, then you’ll probably need to wait until that issue is fixed on the website. It’s possible to update your ETH address record manually via the contracts, but you’ll waste gas if any mistakes are made.

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Thanks for responding.


I added the public resolver then added the address to the records. Still no option to set it :frowning:

Oh, never mind. There it goes. That did the trick. Yay

Hi @bryanchicken I have the same problem that you originally had. Can you please explain further what does “added the public resolver then added the address to the records” mean? Where can I find the public resolver?

Hi @MetaBee, welcome!

The Public Resolver is automatically set for your .eth name when you register the name on the ENS App (

The address for the Public Resolver is: 0x4976fb03C32e5B8cfe2b6cCB31c09Ba78EBaBa41

The forums are not the best place to troubleshoot specific cases/configurations. You could reach out through one of two support channels for faster (and real-time) help.

  1. Join the ENS Discord at: and find the #create-a-ticket channel there.
  2. Ping the official ENS Twitter account: @ensdomains