ChainVine Integration - Automated On-chain Referral Campaigns

Hi everyone, it’s Rock from We enable DeFi projects to spin up own on-chain referral marketing campaigns (e.g., earn 1 ENS when someone performs an on-chain action through your link).

We’d be interested in helping you out with leveraging your community to achieve on-chain goals. This could be done via our out-of-the-box solution ( or we can integrate our SDK for custom frontend and advanced trigger events. Would that be relevant for you at this stage?

Quick question. Will be purchasing ENS tokens to distribute or by utilizing your solution require the DAO to allocate the tokens to disperse?

With a one token issuance as a result of an on-chain goal being completed; this will raise the issue of using up a lot of ether on gas per transaction. I don’t see a reasonable or warranted reason to pay let’s say 10,000 transactions. of gas fees if 10,000 goals were to be completed. Subsequent distribution will be another expense to add to the budget, especially with plans in motion to convert ETH into stables. If it were to be 100,000 goals completed, that is 100,000 txs to pay for as well.

Hi @accessor.eth, thanks for your question.

Yes, it will be utilising DAO recourses.
Yes, gas should be included.

But we know exactly how much the customer acquisition cost will be, and are able to leverage community to create viral loops.

I think it’s a fun idea. But given the costs to distribute one or two tokens over potentially thousands off addresses; I’m not sure if the DAO would want to move forward with that at this time.

I’ve moved this post to the Ecosystem Working Group as an initiative. Consider this a temp check. If it gains traction, I encourage you to write a Request for Proposal (RFP). The process is outlined here. The RFP would be submitted to a Ecosystem Steward for review and if approved they will work with you on writing a full proposal for the DAO to vote on.

If you have any questions my inbox is always open.