Claim token - domain bought 2-3 years ago


I bought a domain about 2-3 years ago, but I forgot what address I used to buy it.

Is there a way to find out? Am I eligible for the Airdrop with the domain bought long time ago?

I know only the address that I set to point to my wallet, when someone send me ETH.


Yes, easiest way is to type the full ens name into the search on opensea. Then look at the NFT. See what address it was minted to. If you are having trouble, just post the ens name here.

yes, you can check your domain history on the Opensea at ENS category, then you should report your bug to dev. hope this is w helpful.

My domain was expired.
Solved! Found the address what I used to buy it.
This helped me: - access it in incognito if is not working because of MetaMask.

hi i cant claim my air drop ens coin why
iam not eligible for claim help me pls