Clarify DAO's democratic power to remove members of the core team

The question is simple and in context of the unfolding brantly.eth saga: does the DAO have the power to initiate a proposal and vote on the membership of a core team member? I am sure there are some ENS vs TNL legal loopholes in there somewhere. It’ll be great if the core team can elaborate what the ENS community can do apart from re-delegating our voting power through $ENS.


A bit of information here discussing the ENS DAO’s abilities in relation to the foundation, but not sure how it relates to TNL: The ENS Foundation - ENS Documentation

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We have our answer! DAO can vote him out

The ENS Foundation’s Articles of Incorporation give significant powers to the ENS DAO (referred to as “The Council” in the Articles). The DAO may vote to:

  • Appoint or remove a director, member, or supervisor.

  • Prohibit admitting any members in future.

  • Instruct the directors to wind up the foundation, and specify what charity or other foundation should receive the foundation’s assets.

Time to write up a proposal.

Source: The ENS Foundation - ENS Documentation


Dear all, hate speech and bigotry should not represent and/or associated with this initiative. A strong reaction is needed. Please start with considering to re-delegate your $ENS and I also agree core team should not consist of people who is explicitly doubling down such expressions.