Community Contribution scheme - Bulletin board for outstanding tasks

There’s a line in @Daylon’s Community Contribution scheme (good idea, please keep working on it :slightly_smiling_face:) that got me thinking:

It is my belief that the most robust form of decentralization is when each participant is acting in their own self interest. Imagine a spectrum, in which the opposite extreme is

Perhaps there is a reluctance to join working groups because some might fear becoming an underling being told what to do?

So, what if there was a Bulletin board where WG leaders could post clearly defined tasks that needed doing, along with a stated bounty/reward coming from the specific WG budget, that was paid on completion?

This might be a way to ease potential contributors into the DAO by doing meaningful and rewarding work that they themselves have volunteered to do and in the long run, our leaders of the future might result from completing the simplest task.


Love it when my ideas inspire, thanks. And I like your idea too.

I proposed something like that earlier this year, here: A Dynamic Task Reward System for Workgroups


Hi @Cthulu.eth, you did indeed, I shall have a read of the comments, thanks for pointing this out.


We are trying to build this coordination layer on the Community WG, but we decided to try out first within our WG before expanding.

But one of the main ideas, was to have a public board, with tasks that are open, by supgroup or dao wide.

You can check the board here.

It’s a work in progress, so any feedback would be highly appreciated.