Community Office Hours - Twitter Space Notes - 03/09/2022, 8 PM EST

ENS DAO Community Office Hours
Twitter Space Notes
03/09/2022 - 8 PM EST | 03/10/2022 1 AM UTC
Hosted by @coltron.eth and @limes


@coltron.eth intends for the community office hour space to be a reoccurring event that features guest speakers, as well as Q&A sessions in the second half of the space.


  • Discussed ENS DAO Newsletter as an example of compensated work within the DAO and Working Group funding from the DAO.

    • Request for Working Groups to submit what they want added to the newsletter at least 3 days in advance.
    • Any feedback on substack is appreciated!
    • Requested ideas from the community for compensated work within subgroups.
  • Discussed development of budget proposals, empowering community members to contribute to ENS for compensation.

  • Onboarding call will be held every Friday at 1:30 PM Eastern (6:30 PM UTC), intends to be a platform to provide consolidated information about ENS.

  • Gitcoin Grants Round 13 discussion, explained quadratic funding with @slobo.eth.

    • ENS project grants discussions.
    • Explained how to fund grants on Gitcoin.
    • Eth Leaderboard and Karma mentioned as examples of projects that benefit the ENS Ecosystem.
  • Ethercards Special ENS NFT drop coming soon, determined by interactions with ENS. 144 Every month for next 12 months. (exclusive)

  • Discussed ETHDenver attendance and future desire to meet IRL (in real life).

    • NFT NYC is June 20-23, 2022.
    • ETHGlobal Amsterdam is April* 22-24.
  • POAP proposed for Onboarding calls. “More POAPs the better.” ENS Specific POAPs proposed as a metric for Karma “Community Reputation Score.”

  • Briefly discussed merch and marketing, invited audience to join the forums for further discussion. If you have experience with online merch stores, please volunteer to contribute.

  • (@slobo.eth) If you want to contribute but don’t know how, please reach out to @coltron.eth, @limes, or @slobo.eth. We have the financial resources but not the people.


Q. My ENS airdrop tokens were stolen by a scammer. Is there any way that I can get them back?
  • A. (@coltron.eth and @limes) Unfortunately there is no course of action for recovering stolen funds with cryptocurrency. The DAO doesn’t have any power to recover stolen funds due to the self-custodied nature of crypto wallets. Never (ever) give anyone your private key or seed phrase.
Q. Due to COVID travel restrictions, is ENS planning any type of online conference for the community, such as a hackathon or social event? Perhaps once per quarter to discuss the latest with ENS?
  • A. (@slobo.eth) We have the capital resources but don’t currently have the human resources to create such a community event, however the Ecosystem WG is working through how to provide opportunities for the community to come together.
  • A. (@limes) If you would like to get a developer’s online meeting started, we would love to empower you to with support and funding. Invited to DM and/or post to the forums for further coordination.


ENS DAO Newsletter (Substack)
Eth Leaderboard
ENS Sales
Gitcoin Grants Round 13


These are killer, especially the Q’s. Thanks Daylon! :fire:

I’ll look through and see if anything was missed.

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Can we have one of these that is not at 2 am CET. So far all of them have been at 1 or 2 am :sleeping: :smiling_face_with_tear: Don’t forget the Europeans please sir


It was 10 am for me :smile:

Awesome! I would add;

  • Request for Working Groups to submit what they want added to the newsletter at least 3 days in advance.
  • Any feedback on substack is appreciated!



Thank @yodaone.eth, I added those. :slight_smile:

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This week we are moving up to 6PM EST/10PM UTC and possibly keeping this time going forward.