Community Stewards Call [05/13] - Meeting Minutes

Community Stewards Call

Date: 05/13/21
Attendees: alisha.eth, Coltron.eth, spencecoin, matoken.eth, zadok7, estmcmxci, BrianMillsJr.Eth, Alex, n0vax.eth.
Minutes by: @BrianMillsJr.Eth

Talking Points.

Item 1

  • Zenhub
  • Soft test ENS DAO twitter space in Spanish.
  • ESP / ENS Workshop.
  • Eduardo Vega-Patiño updates the group to progress made on ZenHub, and a plan moving forward.
  • Coltron & Eduardo Vega-Patiño walksthrough the merchandise tab on zenhub, & the possible integration of a React website on Docusaurus - Translation websites setup/Multiple tasks, and next term turnover prep.
  • Dylan Suggest a recurring Community hours office call for weekly docs updates, QnA, contributor value criteria-workflow, Planning for distribution of merchandise.
  • NOVAX is hosting spaces, some are #ENSummer #MintOutMarathon #ENSculture with an emphasis on education, the adoption of ENS, and onboarding ENS contributors. Said he was working closely with the steward Coltron for further integration and was appreciative of all his time. Communications/IRL/Public goods
  • Zadok7 Attest to a rush of new people realizing the utility, education, and advocacy of and for ENS in some of the spaces.
  • Annual checkups regulated by the volume of work. Bi-weekly/monthly.
  • Will coordinate to amend any issues next Friday, and then regroup bi-weekly.
  • @estmcmxci Create a ticket for (Inaudible) Spanish twitter spaces intergrations.

Item 2

  • Code of Conduct ETA for ratification review.
  • IRL Event CoC - Suggestions and implementations.
  • @spencecoin.eth: @spencecoin.eth, @Coltron.eth & @estmcmxci met with simona_pop who made edits and included a IRL section.
  • @alisha.eth: Expressed the importance of ENS contributors safety pertaining to the CoC.

Item 3

  • IRL Events (ETHNewYork)

  • Budget details and further integration / adoption.

  • matoken.eth: Offered suggestions for merch and volunteered for the distribution of some at IRLEs.

  • Eduardo Vega-Patiño: Suggested a open space in discourse and Discord for IRL events.

  • @Coltron.eth: Covered The expenses for 120 quality shirts various sizes after getting feedback, initiated a bounty for a POAPathon for IRLE POAPs/POAP integrated stickers.

  • Per @Coltron - @limes.eth previously mentioned various IRL meetups/distribution of merchandise.

  • @Dylon offered to accept the shirts.

  • @Coltron breaks down the POAP roadmap, including the art selection form them next week, and the prizes.

  • @Coltron: Has beening working on merch-store RFP with 5pence.eth and Brian and provided provided a detailed walkthrough then requested feedback.

Item 4

  • Learn Docs
  • Discussions for onboarding contributors.
  • @Coltron discuses how Docs could be better served on a different platform than GitBook to further facilitate the needs of translations at scale, better UI to complement a expected management app, framework in React for injection of the library, and the use of crowdin.

Item 5

  • Translation Subgroup.
  • Update on roadblock.
  • Docusaurus-To get localization of our docs on a independent Library built on React
  • @Coltron is interviewing react developers for a build estimate.
  • @Alicia.eth suggested utilizing ENS social capital and affiliated DAOs for feedback-devs.
  • @spencecoin.eth Recommended a positive PR campaign pertaining to whipsawing in the markets.
  • Communications Working Group
  • Newsletter is out this Week.
  • When ENS Newsletter Spaces?
  • Contributor Spotlight (BTS how ENS DAO

Holy molly, that is one packed meeting :rocket:

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Nice! But I wasn’t in this. Maybe Dylan.eth?

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@danch.quixote, you can view last week’s Stewards Minutes here. We will post this week’s Minutes in a subsequent post. Thanks!

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Thanks to @BrianMillsJr.Eth!