Community Stewards Call #1 - Meeting Minutes

Hey all! The Community WG Stewards (& @alisha.eth) held our first weekly meeting a couple of days ago. We discussed a few top of mind matters like organizational planning, logistics, remuneration for community contributions thus far, and early budget discussion.

There’s a lot of things happening with the community and this scratches the surface - each week will likely get more and more involved with the various community subgroups/squads/etc., so stay tuned.

As a refresher, your community stewards are: @Coltron.eth @Limes @brantlymillegan @validator.eth and myself.

Feel free to share any questions or comments as a reply to this post or in #dao-chat or #community on Discord!

Topic: Budget

  • The upcoming budget should immediately concern steward remuneration and current contributor remuneration. There is a second funding period started shortly after, to cover other costs. The WG needs will likely evolve throughout the term.
  • The first budget does not need to be all-encompassing.
  • Alisha.eth commented that we can use our budget to plan in timeframes two months in advance.
  • Alisha.eth mentioned that SourceCred and Coordinape will be run by Makoto experimentally during this first term to track contributors.

Topic: Community Meetings

Established Community Working Group meeting Schedule.

Meeting Type Where Frequency Who should attend
Steward Call Weekly Discord All Stewards
DAO-Wide Community Sync Monthly Twitter Spaces All stewards, contributors, and interested community members.
Subgroup Meetings As Needed Discord Subgroup lead and all available contributors.

Topics: Others

  • Steward compensation ~1k/mo?
  • Code of conduct mentioned by Spencecoin and Brantly.eth. Spencecoin.eth, “Whatever we do should be in good faith.”
  • Coltron.eth is meeting with Alisha to go over *hackmd tomorrow (01/20).


  • We will use Google Docs/Drives for our working steward documentation such as meeting notes, proposal drafts, etc. Spencecoin.eth acknowledged that it was not 100% decentralized. ← Short-term solution?
  • Coltron.eth will function as the secretary/lead coordinator for Community Stewards.

Hello there!

I love this starting points. I would also suggest the building of a Manifesto or Guidelines that would allow to frame the actions of the working groups.

The steward compensation could be framed within the budget that the DAO has, so it doesn’t get crazy.

Having the calls recorded would also be really helpful.

Great work everyone.