Community Stewards Call - #12

Community Stewards Call #12 - Agenda

Date: 04/08
Attendees: limes.eth, matoken.eth, coltron.eth, vegayp.eth, estmcmxci.eth,
Recording: Not recorded, switched to Discord voice due to technical difficulties
Start: 1200 EST
End: 1306 EST

Follow-up From Last Week

  • Sync on changes to contributor payments

Item 1) Contributor Payments

Summary: Last week, we decided on disbursing payments to contributors to catch up on the past two and a half months. Contributors and Lead Coordinators requested payments via google sheet.

It was decided that we will wait to make payments until we have further coordination on choosing a treasury management tool. There is nothing technically blocking disbursements, but we want our actions to be congruent with the rest of the working groups.

If we can not gain a consensus on tech to use, we will disburse as planned next week to ensure the DAO is meeting its commitments to contributors.

Item 2) Coordination Layer

Summary: Both @vegayp and @Coltron.eth looked over different options for providing coordination for the working group and the DAO. The goal is to provide a better way to display what projects are in progress worked on, their completion status, and points of contact so would-be contributors have a clearer path the involvement. This effort is also an attempt to prevent stewards and contributors from feeling “disconnected” from work being performed elsewhere in the DAO.

Additionally, even with the proposed RFP format a framework will help provide tracking and accountability for processes, especially at scale.

@vegayp provided a sample using Zenhub, which integrates with Github, moving the DAO’s operations closer to Github in alignment with the plan to also move proposals to Github. Using Zenhub as an internal coordination tool for our working groups seems viable, and we will implement this in the Community WG for ourselves and Subgroups.

@coltron.eth Created a Notion dashboard to provide a landing page as a simple platform with low technical barriers to entry that consolidates our calendar, working group missions, contact lists, and relevant links to existing governance docs and resources. The thought here is that, although this information exists across different platforms (Gitbook and the Forum), this would provide a single gateway to access currently distributed information. The current status information dissemination is complex for those “in the know” to sort and is even more complicated for those onboarding.

Other Items Discussed

  • @Limes sync’d on his initiative to provide some swag at ETHNY.
  • Forum Conduct was discussed. @coltron.eth mentioned that we should be mindful as stewards to stop toxic behavior that will discourage the sharing of ideas.

Actions to be taken

  • @vegayp will work on Zenhub as an internal coordination layer with project boards.
  • @coltron.eth Will finish the Notion dashboard as an external onboarding tool and consolidation of information.
  • @Limes will finalize his swag ordering. There were no objections.

Note: Feel free to add anything I missed or let me know if you had joined the discord voice.