Community Stewards Call #2 - Meeting Minutes

Hey all! We’ve officially completed our second Community WG call and covered a lot of ground. I feel like we’re meshing pretty well and things are off to a great start.

Make sure to join the ENS Community Office Hours on Twitter Spaces and say hi! (Date/Time TBD)

Thank you @Coltron.eth for drafting these notes.

Community Stewards Call #2 - Meeting Minutes

Date: 12pm EST/9am PST. 01/29/22
Attendees: @brantlymillegan, @Coltron.eth, @Limes, @spencecoin, @validator.eth
Start: 1200 EST
End: 1306 EST


Item: Community WG Goals and Intent

  • Spencecoin.eth mentioned that we should identify KPIs. All agreed to draft our own versions of goals/KPIs/etc. for next week and then consolidate from there.

Item: Subgroups

  • Supgroup leads should try their best to estimate what the budget would be for their subgroups. Stewards can discuss/adjust/approve afterwards. (limes.eth)
    • What are the metrics and KPIs for each subgroup for the budget proposal?

Mirror DAO Subgroup Request

  • Brantly.eth suggested two blogs in the future: one is controlled by the DAO and the other one by the TNL for protocol updates.
  • We can create and would need to appoint someone as editor.
  • All agreed that we would want to ensure editors are trusted and there is a mechanism to remove bad actors.
  • Lead contributors would need to outline their plan to the working group for oversight.
    • Questions Raised:
      • Would there be one sole editor? (spencecoin.eth)
      • Privacy considerations with newsletter. (spencecoin.eth)

ENS Social Club Subgroup Request

  • Would a specific channel in Discord be a better solution?
    • Would this subgroup segment the community too much? It may be better to keep the ENS community in one server/forum/etc to prevent cannibalizing. (spencecoin.eth)
  • There are already other communities established, and the need or funding is not totally clear. (coltron.eth)

Communidad Para Hispanohablantes Subgroup Request

  • Spenecoin.eth mentioned that we may want to consider additional mods for Global Channels.
  • This subgroup request could be worked into the translation subgroup for now. (coltron.eth)
  • Communidad Para Hispanohablantes might fall under the umbrella of the Translation subgroup. Does Oakgroup.eth want to take on the translation as a lead contributor? (coltron.eth)

Item: Other

  • Limes.eth suggested a subgroup for IRL events.
  • Limes.eth and Spencecoin.eth asked how would expenses be handled for IRL events? Spencecoin.eth suggested expense reports for reimbursement may be utilized since there is no traditional method of payment such as a company card.

As always, anyone is welcome to add any questions/comments/concerns below in a reply. We are more than happy to chat! Or stop by the Discord #Community channel and say hi :smiley:


We’ve already had discussions about this and I think all of us generally agree that it’d be a good idea to have more mods who speaks major languages that aren’t English and in general mods or community mods in the global channels.


Thank you for putting this together!

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Hello - thanks for posting this. I’ll be happy to take lead on Communidad Para Hispanohablantes. The intention of this Translation subgroup is to support the growth of the ENS DAO Spanish Speaking Community.

I will share with @Coltron.eth proposed deliverables and initiatives for this subgroup by 02/04/2022.

What language(s) coverage do you think would be most beneficial?

For some of the the less active global channels (<1 post per day on average), we could have “part-time” mods to check in on a regular interval to ensure that nothing is going unresolved. What are your thoughts on a hybrid moderator to cover these channels?

I know there has been community members fielding questions in the global channels because there hasn’t been any representation. In a way, this is a natural function of the community, but at a point it becomes unreasonable to self-moderate and an issue of user safety (scams).

I think that Mandarin and Hindi would be a great start, but ideally we should have representation in all our global channels so that we at the very least have a bridge to them

We’ve discussed having a helper role for people who wants to try out to become a mod, where they could have their own channel to practice, and could receive active help from us mods, and then we could also more easily recruit mods from helpers when the need arises


Definitely agreed.

It doesn’t come up too often, but in my experience when it does, it’s usually Chinese. I don’t think Mandarin vs. Cantonese or other dialects is usually an issue when it comes to reading/writing luckily.

But also agreed that if possible it’d be great to have some representation for all the global channels! I think we could let the demand drive this, like look at which channels are getting the most traffic with the most questions, etc. We do already have the mighty matoken.eth for the jp channel too!

We might also want to get our server rules translated and then pinned in all the language-specific channels too. Maybe the server rules channel could also have this line translated a bunch of times into various languages:

See the pinned message in this channel for a translation of these server rules!